Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Field Trip: Asheville NC

I ducked off to Asheville last weekend for a much-needed getaway. Naturally, I spent part of the time observing Asheville bicyclists in their natural habitat. My observations:
  • Bicycle mode share is relatively low and infrastructure is minimal
  • Bicycle racks are widely available and 'Share the Road' signs are common
  • Asheville residents do ride on nearly every road, regardless of traffic speed or volume, lack of bicycle facilities, and the mountainous terrain
  • Bicycles are viewed as transportation - they tend to be equipped with baskets and fenders and ridden in ordinary clothing
  • The area is also popular with athletes, for training rides on the steep mountain roads.
Just as I was writing up this trip, I also came across an article about Asheville in Urban Velo.

Here are a few of the people I saw on bicycles...

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  1. Never been to Asheville but looks OK for cycling - good article