Monday, October 18, 2010

The Day the Streets Came to Life

Atlanta Streets Alive 2. Let the photos speak for themselves.
Downtown Atlanta without cars
Fun for all ages
Attendance was diverse
Love that basket!
This girl must have made 10 laps around the event route
Some people rode with attitude
Some had style to spare
Flowers on the basket and a matching dress
Do not mess with this little girl, she has somewhere to go!
Visitors showed off their dog-walking skills
And their ability to carry friends
Traffic flowed quietly up and down Edgewood
There were a number of new and vintage folding bikes
Friends caught up with each other
Friends shared a laugh
Families had a good time too!
Kids could test their skills in the bike rodeo - braking, obstacle avoidance, and coaching
Like it says... Sopo was busting out the free repair clinic
One more day to try out bicycle culture in Atlanta

1 comment:

  1. I knew someone would have photos so that I could live vicariously through them :) After the first event I vowed to attend the second, and wouldn't you know, I had to be out at freaking Cobb Galleria for a work event Sunday!! Ugh. Well, I can hope for a third I suppose. Would be nice to have this become a monthly event! Looks like it was a big success again. Oh, that bright orange bike is awesome!