Sunday, October 3, 2010

On the Town

There's a good reason why people who ride bicycles have friends who ride bicycles - it's more fun to go out on the town that way! Everyone can ride together, but they are still independently mobile. You don't have to split up into cars or worry seriously about parking. And if dinner is particularly rich, you can just burn off the extra calories on the ride home.
On Friday night, we started off with part of our group heading east. We were getting together for Japanese food and drink with some friends we hadn't seen in a while. Our destination was Miso on Edgewood Avenue. The fun thing about doing anything along Edgewood is that you can watch the bicycle traffic using the popular bike lane there. As we were leaving, several groups of people whizzed past us in the dusk.

Soon we made our own twinkling entourage and headed over to FLUX in Castleberry Hill.

What a scene! Block after block of art, tucked into every little corner - shipping containers by the railroad, empty storefronts, and between buildings.

Tons of people were out having fun. Many of them had made the unfortunate choice of driving there, and were stuck in traffic. The bicycles ruled the night, however. I saw more bikes parked there than I've ever seen in one place in Atlanta. They were stashed in the bike valet parking, piled on railings, and clustered around signposts. I really enjoyed wandering around and seeing all of the classy vintage bicycles and shiny new city bikes, and the wide range of people who arrived on them.


There was even a bicycle-powered food cart.


  1. FLUX looks like a lot of fun - wish we could have made it. I love that bicycle food cart!

  2. It was really neat! I wish food cart bikes just rode around Atlanta all the time, and you could flag them down for snacks...tacos, breakfast sandwiches, hot dogs, pommes frites, sweets. I had the whiskey bacon brownie there, and it was delicious.