Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Atlanta bicycling community

The number of people bicycling in Atlanta is still small enough that we start to recognize each other. We all show up and the same events, join the same groups, and travel many of the same routes. There are relatively few streets in Atlanta that are optimal for bicycling.

I am stubborn and somewhat anti-social, so I don't like to acknowledge other cyclists, unless they really are friends of mine. I don't like the implication that I should socialize with other people simply because they ride a bicycle. We're just two strangers who happen to be using the same mode of transportation.... I also don't like group rides, for the same reason. More on that later.

We have some fun bicycle-oriented events here. Earlier in 2009 we had a bicycle fashion show.

That's me with the coffee cup holder. My friend Angel is on the far left of the photo, and my eternally-stylish friend Katie second from the right.


On the formal side of things, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition advocates for safer, easier bicycling conditions, and Sopo Bicycle Co-op helps people acquire and repair bicycles.

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