Monday, November 16, 2009

Can bicycle racks be functional and artistic?

Georgia State University is having a bicycle rack design contest! It's open to all GSU students. You can create a model or drawing of your design. Go to the GSU Bikes website to enter.

Of course, this has stimulated debate amongst my friends. Some are adamant that the staple rack (the single upside-down U) is the most functional bike rack and thus the only design that should ever be used. Others, including myself, think that there could be designs just as functional, which also stimulate interest and awareness as an art object.

Of course, there are plenty of rack designs that do not function well. This rack from East Atlanta can be challenging to lock up to...

Hopefully a good panel judges will be able to sort out the useful from the merely ornamental. I certainly haven't heard any complaints about the racks David Byrne has designed for NYC.

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