Monday, November 9, 2009


The purpose of this blog is evolving somewhat. I have been inspired by Let's Go Ride A Bike, Lovely Bicycle, and of course Copenhagen Cycle Chic (and my own pleasure from cycling around Atlanta) to focus on the role of bicycling in creating quality communities.

By quality, I mean towns and cities that are good for your mental and physical health, that allow equitable access to good jobs and education, and that provide everyone with the housing, stores, social settings, and so forth that they need for a fulfilling life. I don't think the stereotype of Atlanta fits this description, and there is some truth to that. There's also a big difference in where you choose to live. We have suburbs and exurbs that go on for miles, and a legacy transportation system that is almost exclusively built for automobiles. These things make it a real challenge to make a safe and convenient trip by foot or bicycle. But in the city of Atlanta, the bicycle is supremely convenient. It can handle the distances of our lower-density layout, can be parked anywhere, and can also be taken on the subway system (MARTA) if needed. I drive a couple times a week, but the trusty bicycle carries me most of the time.

I'll put up some photos of my friends and I riding in the city soon. For now, in honor of Germany's reunification celebration, I leave you with a few shots of cyclists in Berlin, cycling across the brick line which marks the former location of the Berlin wall.


See you out there.

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