Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Family Time

Alright, I'm making my run at the "Summer Games" from Let's Go Ride A Bike. It's not that I need any motivation for social, stylish bicycle riding - it's the awesome prizes! I'm hoping Dottie and Trisha will accept a ride with by boyfriend's family in the "Ride with your family" category.

On Memorial Day, I had a lovely dinner with the Beau's family. What better way to follow up a summer supper than a trip to the ice cream shop? Ma Beau, Beau, and I hopped on our bicycles while the rest of the family walked. His mom has a brand new Breezer that isn't even broken in yet, due to the lack of widespread bicycle parking in Decatur.

In this case, the bicycle contingent served as scouts as well, as we got to the ice cream shop first and discovered it closed. So, we zipped back, alerted the walking group, and then zoomed around to find an alternative choice. Plenty of other folks were out on the same mission. We wound up running a traffic light that doesn't change for bicycles to reach the Dairy Queen, where we locked up to the one available railing and tried not to block the store entrance. Fortunately, the Breezer comes with a wheel lock, sufficient for short stops.


  1. Love a nice family ride. So relaxing and "back to basics".

  2. This definitely counts! My ride-with-fam will have to be just my husband and me, since our families live in North Carolina.

    I love that the bike group was able to find out about the closed store, alert the others and quickly find an alternative :) Nothing better than a bike ride for ice cream.

    Breezers are great bikes!