Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Updates - Infrastructure and Events

Just a few news items from around Atlanta...

I haven't checked it out myself, but major sections of the BeltLine are apparently bikeable. This blog post from Atlanta Unsheltered proclaims that the entire section from Glenwood Park to Piedmont Park is open and rideable. I don't know if it's actually paved or more of a gravel road situation, but I plan to visit it in the near future.

For some strange reason, the BeltLine does not appear in the City of Atlanta's transportation plan. But about 16 miles of new bicycle facilities are planned for city streets. Check out the list from Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, and feel free to contact your city council rep to say thanks, or ask when construction will begin! You can also read this week's article about cycling infrastructure from Creative Loafing.

Last of all, mark your calendars for the Heels on Wheels ride on July 10th, and an event for elected officials to meet local bicyclists and learn about cycling needs in the Atlanta region on the 15th.


  1. Here's a BeltLine explorer's guide:

    Glenwood to Memorial is paved, a la Bill Kennedy Way. Past the depot and up to Wylie is packed dirt and wide trail, and cleared underbrush: all off-road.

    DeKalb Avenue to Piedmont Park is all off-road. It is dirt and wide, packed trail. Long stretches of it are rutted from construction machines operating on it (near Old 4th Ward Park especially).

    Other places have large, golf ball-sized gravel, closer to rip-rap. It makes riding difficult, at best. I have done that with my road bike and my hybrid; it was easier with the latter, but I was still swimming in it.

    There is a gravel parking lot north of Ponce, on the ridge behind Midtown Place (Whole Foods, Borders), which gives way to some serious over growth: tall grass and weeds and kudzu. It is a jeep road, with two parallel singletracks, all the way up to where Virginia crosses above the BeltLine.

    So, you will need to walk your bike in spots, likely. Blue Belle: no way. Go with your mountain monster!

  2. Good intel Kyle!

    PS - Love your profile in the Creative Loafing article...