Monday, June 21, 2010

Hot and Wet

Happy Solstice/First Day of Summer! Atlanta is already well into its typical summer weather pattern - temps in the 90s every day and scattered thunderstorms every afternoon. I thought June was usually a little milder than this. Did it get hot early this year? At any rate, it will be like this through August or September.

This means that I have to be prepared for rain at any given moment. But, since it will be a short shower rather than all-day rain, I can leave the Giant Orange Poncho at home. Instead, I just carry a small rain jacket with me. It takes up a lot less room.

I'm pleased to note that plenty of other people are handling the weather in style.

This guy came prepared with a rain jacket. It even matches his chinos.

This gal is not only staying cool on a hot summer afternoon, she also appears to be scoffing at the gas prices, the gas-guzzling truck beside her, and the entire industry of oil drilling that they represent. If you really want to protest offshore drilling, leave the car at home and ride a bicycle!


  1. Highland and North Avenue is my favorite bike-watching corner! I like to get a beer at Manuel's and sit in the corner window, and watch everyone go by. So many cute girls on 10-speeds.

  2. I've been there several times lately and always see tons of awesome bicycles and their awesome riders.