Friday, September 17, 2010

Bicycling is Contagious

I was quite surprised to learn that two of my neighbors cycled to work today. They'd always been so skeptical of my habits. This comes on top of lots of other promising signs - people who used to ask if a store had free parking now point out that it's easy to bike there. Random folks ask how they can start getting around by bicycle. And I see more and more folks riding around in ordinary work and dress clothes.

You absolutely would not have seen this a year ago in Atlanta. Maybe the occasional rarity, but not every time you stepped outside. I have to wonder where their inspiration came from. Did they just feel like wearing nice clothes and riding a bike, out of the blue? Did they see something on TV or read a blog? Are their friends doing it? Whatever it is, it seems to be spreading rapidly. Could this be you?

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