Sunday, September 5, 2010

Seersucker Style!

And a good time was had by all...

Atlanta's first "Seersucker Social" started at Woodruff Park at 4 p.m. Saturday.

Including me!
And Atlanta City Council member Kwanza Hall.

Indra, the organizer of the event, looked smashing in a straw hat, dreamy organza top, seersucker tap pants, and fishnet knee-highs. She was riding a custom city bike with her nickname on the chainguard!
We rode up Peachtree Center Ave., through the midst of the Dragon*Con crowd - they were staring at us as much as we were staring at them! Nearly everyone who saw the ride seemed delighted and intrigued.

The riders were pretty delighted, too.

There were a few families along. This little gal had great traffic skills and easily kept up with the group.

We headed up Peachtree Street, over to Piedmont Park, and then through Virginia-Highland.
Eventually I had to slip off and run some errands...the rest of the group proceeded over to Oakland Cemetery for a picnic (with a popsicle stop en route). Very cool!


  1. Lovely it was and a fine way to renew our acqaintance with Oakland Cemetery.

  2. Nice photos! We were there earlier in the day for the Dragon*Con parade, and then in Decatur looking around at the book festival, so probably wouldn't have made it back downtown in time, but would love to attend something like this in the future. Hopefully there will be many more in the Fall with the nice weather!

  3. ...and, I hasten to add, nice to have met you!

  4. Cameron, it was great to meet you too! You took some lovely pictures.

    Traci, I am positive there will be more events like these!

  5. It was an amazing turnout and day out! Thanks for coming, Michelle, and for coverage.

    Indeed there *will* be more of these. Indra and I are planning a few, with information soon to follow. And I am determined to have Bike Prom in the spring, even if I am the only one who goes.

  6. Hmmm, what about a football/Homecoming event?!?! Bicycle tailgating, a ride to college (Tech or GSU) or Falcons game, pennants attached to basket, all in the beautiful October weather?

  7. Michelle, that is an *excellent* idea! Hell, even a high school game, like Grady, could suffice. I like it a lot. Some of us had discussed earlier this summer Bikin' to the Drive-In, but the weather has been less than conducive.

  8. way to add another fun event to dragon con weekend! these pictures are excellent... everyone looked fabulous!!

  9. AWESOME! and done with great Southern Style!


  10. You know, I think it's important to respect your heritage, at least the honorable parts...Seersucker is so quintessentially southern that some Atlanta transplants didn't even know what it was!