Thursday, September 23, 2010

For Atlanta, Car-Free Day Means Road Rage Day

Maybe it's just because I'm sick. Maybe my clogged sinuses and incessant nose-blowing are clouding my perspective. But it seemed like everyone was being obnoxious yesterday, whether in a car, on a bicycle, or on foot.

The optimist in me wants to think that was due to International Car-Free Day. Perhaps there were so many bicycles and pedestrians on the roads that everyone became disoriented! I hope so. Otherwise how do you explain two cars honking from behind me? And the driver preparing to turn left onto a one-way street, who didn't see me walking in the crosswalk from the other direction and only stopped in time due to my loud screeching?

Then there was the young lady who suddenly swerved from a side street onto the sidewalk, nearly hitting me. Being ill, I was feeling particularly hostile, and yelled at her that riding on the sidewalk is illegal. She said she knew, but called Spring Street "dangerous". It's a street I ride on every day. Intimidating, yes, but lots of people ride on it, and it's not necessarily worse than any other street in Midtown. Riding on the sidewalk was probably putting her in more danger. If my head hadn't been so foggy, I could have told her these things, and emphasized that if she still wanted to get on the sidewalk then she should dismount and walk. But I just grumbled something, probably rude, and turned away. Ironically, I saw several other people riding on Spring Street with great aplomb, just moments before and after this incident.

Lousy picture, stylish bicycle - the girl in the purple shirt executed a flawless turn onto Fifth

No stationary bike at the gym for this guy!

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  1. I'm with you: Wednesday and Thursday were berserk. Drivers and bicyclists were defying common sense and vehicle law all over the damn place. I counted 11 incidents where riders or drivers went upstream, against a one-way street.

    I admit to silent, fuming rage waiting behind cars in the left turn lane, which were not turning left but just waiting to blast off in front of the column of those drivers going straight. Oh, and once bellowing, "ON YOUR LEFT," to an SUV that attempted to squash me in order to join my lane.