Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Cars are expensive and hard to repair. When something goes wrong with the car of my co-worker, who lives way out in Woodstock, she has to call in to work. In these cases, she can miss half a day of work while trying to get it towed and find some other way to the office.

Bicycle repairs are inexpensive and can often be performed at home. You don't have to have your bicycle towed to the shop. Best of all, bicycles are cheap and easy to store - get a few! If one bicycle breaks down - or if you wake up to discover a flat tire - you can just take the other one. At worst, maybe you take the bus or the train.

I was really looking forward to riding the Raleigh on Tuesday. I even picked out a cute outfit that would coordinate with its metallic brown paint. But the front tire was flat... No problem, I just grabbed Blue Belle and headed off to vote in the Georgia primaries. Note that she is still wearing the bow that came on one of my birthday presents last week!

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