Saturday, July 31, 2010

This Is Getting Out Of Control

Lump charcoal. The big bag. I ran out, the hardware store had them, I was there. With Blue Belle. I thought the bag would fit in a basket, but instead I had to strap it onto the top...


  1. I've wondered if I can fit a 50-pound bag of animal feed on my bike. Haven't tried yet, but perhaps it would be wise to toss it in my bike trailer rather than strap it to my bike.

    I'm assuming you made it home OK?

  2. Yikes - I hope the hardware store wasn't far away! I never would have made it up a hill with that on the back of my bike :)

  3. Bliss Chick - I made it home fine; it was under a mile and pretty flat. I've carried a 15 pound bag of dog food on the bike before without any problems at all. I don't think weight is the issue for a sturdy bicycle, it's a question of how it's distributed. The lower the better. Can you test it with and without the trailer?

    Traci - Thank goodness for gears!