Sunday, July 25, 2010

Parking - The Final Challenge

The bicycle infrastructure in Atlanta is seriously inadequate, but at least we know how we could fix it. There are good and bad examples from around the world. Not so with bicycle parking. Even cities that do a great job with bicycle traffic have very little on-street bike parking and never enough at high-demand sites, like train stations. Some cities are experimenting with giant bicycle parking decks, on barges, with valet service, or with automated racks that lift bicycles up onto tightly-fitted storage shelves.

Even with the small but growing amount of bicycling that we have now, it is clear that parking will be great challenge for Atlanta. Nearly every rack is full these days. City parking requirements for parking at new buildings are not enforced, and many of the racks that exist are poorly designed and in inconvenient or unsafe locations. What will we do if more and more people start riding?

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