Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lock It Up

One of my friends had her bike stolen this week. It was locked up with a cable lock at a parking garage bicycle rack. I hate bike racks in parking garages, and this is one of the reasons, that they seem particularly prone to crime. Here's a rack I encountered recently. And this photo was taken from only halfway to the entrance of the garage - from outside you could hardly see it at all.

Protect yourself. Always use a U-lock. If you need a cable lock to secure your quick-release parts or because a U-lock won't fit around the thing you're locking to, use it with a U-lock. I have a cable with no lock, just loops at the ends that I can secure with the U-lock that goes through my frame.

You can also double or triple up on your cable locks - it will only slow a thief down by a little bit, but will make your bike less attractive than the single-locked bicycle next to yours. The really thick chain locks, like they use in Amsterdam, are effective too. And parking in a visible location can discourage, but not completely prevent, someone from cutting your lock.

And if you see an older black Specialized HardRock, size small, with pink logos and a huge front basket, let me know!

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  1. Follow up note: There are at least two notices on Craigslist from people whose bicycles were stolen recently. Including one from in front of Trader Vic's, one of my favorite hangouts. Lock up tight and make sure that if you buy a used bike, it comes from a reputable source.