Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Commuter Corridors

I've been seeing more and more cyclists on the West Peachtree/Spring Street one-way pair. These are not the most relaxing streets for riding. West Peachtree Street does have a bicycle lane for about 10 blocks, but it is barely 4 feet wide and located entirely in the "door zone" of the on-street parking.
Nonetheless, it is becoming a popular route for northbound cyclists, especially during rush hour. 
Spring Street, running southbound a block away, does not have a bicycle lane. It also has  four lanes of traffic and, at one point, a freeway interchange. I used to see people cycling southbound on West Peachtree Street, riding against traffic on the sidewalk. More recently, I am spotting regular bicycle traffic using Spring Street.
It would probably function better for everyone if these were converted to two-way operation. Motorists wouldn't have to drive around in circles to reach their destinations (there are a number of one-way cross streets too). Pedestrians would feel safer, vehicle speeds would probably be more appropriate, and cyclists wouldn't have to merge across 3 or 4 lanes of traffic to turn left.


  1. That area looks familiar...how close is that to The Ellis?


  2. It's about 8 minutes by bicycle - in Midtown whereas The Ellis is in Downtown. I take it you've been to Atlanta!

  3. A few times, I was either driving thru on my way to Mobile, AL or flying in and out at some ungodly hour to go to market for my wife's bridal shop.

    I enjoy staying at The Ellis because of where it is located and the being able to sit out on the balcony with a drink or a coffe and watch the rest of the world go bustling by.

    Never had a bike along when I have been there...yet.

    How is MARTA with bikes?


  4. Awesome. MARTA has one of the most lenient bicycle policies in the country. Any train, any time, as long as you aren't totally obstructing operations. Also buses have a rack to carry 2 bikes at a time. There is a place near Piedmont Park where you can rent a bicycle, but I'm not sure about price or quality.