Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend Interludes

So, once again, another weekend has gone by. And once again, I have been too busy with errands, social engagements, and such to write a post. The sad truth is that I don't get to bicycle much on the weekends. Sometimes I am home working on a project or baking all day, sometimes I am running major errands for which I have to use a car...things come up. By the end of the weekend, I really feel like something is missing.

One strategy has been to stash my old mountain bike over at the Beau's house. Now, if I go over there for dinner or en route to meet friends that live over his way, I can arrive by train or car and still have something to ride! I tried it out this weekend. Much better. If we want to run out to the pub or visit friends, I'm not forced to go in a car, nor limited to walking distance. It's not particularly comfortable to ride and it has this flashy, sporty aesthetic that I really dislike, but least I'm under pedal power.
Your local pub - more fun when you enjoy fresh air and starry skies on the way...

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