Monday, February 1, 2010

A Critical Mass of One

I like to joke that I "am a critical mass of one". It means that I don't need to ride in a group in order to reclaim the street for bicycling.

Recently, the joke has grown. Last Thursday (heck, most days), I was a "Heels on Wheels" ride of one. On Friday, I was a "Tweed Ride" of one.

Speaking of Tweed Rides... I think they're adorable. But are they right for Atlanta? We don't have a particularly tweedy heritage. What type of theme rides would be more appropriate here? Here are my suggestions:
  • Summer Seersucker Ride (bowties optional)
  • Bling Ride. Show off your best street style, complete with rhinestones and chains
  • Southern Belles Ring Bicycle Bells
  • Club Circuit (Disco)
What else?


  1. hmm... our area is rich in tweedy history but also in engineering geekiness and social rebellion. here's a theme ride consistent with the latter two (you'll need to be proficient in MIG welding as price of membership):

    this club is HQ'd one block from my house in campy, scrappy somerville. theme rides take place weekends at midnight.

  2. Seersucker or Linen works for me.

    You could do a Colonel Sanders ride and then hit up the local KFC buffet for lunch. :-D


  3. If we did KFC, we would have to wind up at the Big Chicken in Marietta. Not sure that's a good idea. Now Krispy Kreme donuts - that's more like it. Or Mary Macs tea room!

    We do have a few bike-hackers in Atlanta...a few tall bikes, a kids tall bike, etc. They have their own rides.

  4. Seersucker ride, all the way! You know I am up for it. We need to end somewhere we can get mint juleps.

  5. That is definitely a summer event! Does it count if a group of friends just happens to be dressed up and out for traditional southern food and beverages?