Monday, February 8, 2010

Grocery Shopping by Bicycle

I came across an article in the Transportation Research Record journal today. It was called "Explaining Gender Difference in Bicycling Behavior". The researchers conducted a survey among men and women in 6 towns on the west coast. One of the questions they asked was whether the person thought it was possible to transport children or go grocery shopping by bicycle. Over 30% did not think it was possible to shop for groceries by bicycle.

It is possible. I'm sure there are lots of suburban and rural locations where it would be more difficult. But here in Atlanta, it's pretty simple: Put some sort of racks on your bike, whatever works for you. Ride to the store. Use a basket rather than a shopping cart, at least until you figure out how much you can carry safely. Secure bags to bicycle. Ride home.

Apparently, a group in Portland, Oregon offers a class in bicycle grocery shopping. Do we need one here?
A one-bag shopping trip


  1. Those are some heavy duty grocery baskets. Well done!

  2. i like the idea of collapsible baskets because they appear sturdy. do they rattle when collapsed flat?

  3. I love 'em. They fit a full paper grocery bag or a couple of plastic bags, or my daily tote bag. And then they collapse out of the way when not needed. They rattle a bit open or closed, but not enough to bother me. Smooth pavement is very quiet, but we don't have a lot of that here!

  4. It IS possible. I'd do it if I had one of these (and I could transport children too, if I had one):

    Their tagline is "urban utility vehicles". Love it!

  5. I have Wald folding baskets on my grocery getter. They work great! I also have a huge set of Basil panniers that look great and actually hold more than the folding baskets. They do rattle a bit, but you can minimize that with zip ties, velcro straps or a rubber strap.

    To me grocery getting is the fun part of riding a bike.


  6. I thought it would be much harder to get groceries than I've found it to be since our car got rid of us. It's surprisingly simple. Sometimes we use a baby trailer (with or without our baby) and sometimes we use the Sunlite grocery getter panniers - cheap and lightweight. The store is 1 mile from our house, so it takes 2 minutes longer to get there by bike - worth it!