Friday, February 5, 2010

Gee Shucks

Sometimes I really regret it when I don't ride. Wednesday was a lovely day this week, a warm and sunny respite from the rain. For some reason, I left my bicycle at home and took the train. The day turned out to be gorgeous, and some errands and meetings came up. As I got to a meeting, 20 minutes later than if I had cycled there, I was really kicking myself. And then, just to top it off, I spotted this breathtaking 50s-style bicycle parked outside the meeting. I can't tell if it is new or a restoration. Anyway, Blue Belle would have loved to park next to this lovely guy.

PS - Kudos to Christa from Bike by the Sea, for her "Map of the Cycle Chic Network".


  1. It's new, and I see it almost every morning locked in front of Danneman's! Schwinn released a line of classically-styled bikes over the last two years. This is the Classic Seven, a reproduction of the Phantom; the Phantom, like many of those Schwinns, was a singlespeed, and this has hub gearing.

    Others in those lines are a little more modern but bearing the classic names (Suburban, Traveler) and some of the detailing.

    Honestly, many of them look so nice. I have sometimes passed a girl on Highland riding a yellow Schwinn Jenny 7-speed. I look for her every time now, but, alas. Swoon.

  2. Sweet! I wonder what it's like to ride. Interesting that the Schwinns are developing a sort of retro cachet.