Friday, February 26, 2010

Greased Lightning

Traffic was ridiculous on Thursday, almost gridlocked. There must have been an event at the Georgia Dome or something.

Normally I'm pretty mellow on the bicycle. I set off a radar sign the other day - I was only going 16 MPH and shortly thereafter I was passed by a guy on a mountain bike with knobby tires. Although, in my defense, he was really exerting himself. But faced with lots of cars going slower than me, the spirit of competition kicked in. I threaded my way (carefully) through at least half a mile of gridlock. It felt great to be the only one on the road capable of forward movement. Of course, pedestrians were in good shape too. And after I got through it all, my reward was car-free streets! They were all stuck behind me somewhere.


  1. I love that feeling! I went to a Hawks game with two pals at the beginning of February. After, they both took MARTA, one north, one east; I rode all the way past Five Points, beyond cars that did not budge.

  2. Fun story. That's actually one thing I like about riding through congested Chicago traffic every day - I'm always flying by blocks of stopped traffic. Bike lanes come in very handy at times like that.