Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cargo Bicycle Options

While bakfietsen are still rare (and expensive) in the U.S., other types of cargo carriers are readily available. One example I've seen lately is the cargo-utility bike. Examples are the Xtracycle Radish, Kona Ute, Yuba Mundo, and Surly Big Dummy. These extended frames are like the pickup trucks of bicycling. They offer a long rear rack which can easily carry a week's worth or two of groceries, several children, furniturecanoes, or a little of everything...

Here's a closeup of the Kona in Columbus, GA, and the Surly in action at Tech Square.


  1. Yay!! I'm famous!

    Great shot. I need to look out for paparazzi more often, and say hi.

    Thanks. Ben.

  2. i think the "long tail" bikes are great alternatives to bakfiets, and certainly less expensive. in fact, of the ones currently available in the US, i think the kona ute represents a bargain at under $1000, as a complete bike. i've even seen them sell new on ebay for around $700. i'm very tempted to pick up a ute to tote my girls around, as currently i'm restricted to carrying one at a time.

  3. This makes me want to try one...

    Ben, I'm glad you didn't mind being targeted by the paparazzi! I always wonder what people will think if they see me taking a picture of them.