Thursday, March 25, 2010

The [Other] Joys of Stopping with Your Bicycle

The spring cyclists are out, and I have to be a little bit critical. I stop at red lights. I have been seeing soooo many people who don't. I know that this is a very contentious topic. But I think, if we expect cars to obey traffic laws and respect our right to the road, then we should comply with traffic laws too. I passed four cyclists on my way to work this morning - and three of them were the same guy. I passed him, and then he ran the light, and then I passed him again and so on. It's no skin off my back, unless you run a light or stop sign when I have the right-of-way. Then I'll yell at you.

Nonetheless, I'm still happy to be seeing more cyclists on my route. This is the guy I only saw once...


  1. That's pretty random to find this pic. I noticed you taking it at the last minute. It's always great to see bike commuters!

  2. The bicycle paparazzi are everywhere! Hee hee. It's awesome that you found it.