Tuesday, March 23, 2010


There are some parts of town where the bicycle culture is really thriving - around university campuses, in the Little Five Points, East Atlanta, and Decatur communities. In the rest of the city, cyclists are much less common. And the ones you do see appear to be athletes, or people who have limited means and alternatives.

I think we need to respect and embrace everyone who rides a bicycle, regardless of the circumstances. But I also believe that people riding bicycles by choice as a part of their daily activities are the indicator of real bicycle culture. So I have been very happy to spot some fashionable and confident urban cyclists in new areas of town.

For example, in the Turner Field area. First I spotted a guy at night, with great lights and a snazzy silver city bike, zipping by in a business suit. A few days later, the gentleman above, cruising along in the bike lane and listening to some music. And a couple days after that, a fabulous guy in khackis, coat, and a pageboy cap. Obviously, I need to be more prepared to snap photos anywhere, anytime! And hopefully a few women and children will start appearing...


  1. Nice eye-candy ;) Most of the guys in Chicago lately seem to be wearing geeky neon commuter clothes.