Monday, March 1, 2010

New and Improved Atlanta Cyclist

I've started to notice a trend in my photos. Lots of young white men. A few men of color or older age. Hardly any women. There are clearly more men on bicycles in the Atlanta area, which follows trends observed in other U.S. cities and anywhere that does not have a high bicycle mode share. There are a number of theories about why, including that women prefer riding when there are bicycle facilities (lanes or paths) available, that women have more things and people to transport with them and don't know how to carry them on a bicycle, and that bicycling is still perceived as an extreme "sport" only undertaken by athletes.

However, there are women riding bicycles around Atlanta. And they are fantastic - bold, confident, wheeling down the street with the wind in their hair and traffic in the palm of their hand. I've missed a couple of great photos... But I will do my best, over the next few weeks, to portray the wide variety of people who ride in Atlanta: women, children, all racial or ethnic backgrounds. Feel free to send me your pictures as well!


  1. Well, I ride through your picture intersection everyday, hoping to be posted on your blog :) I even rode a Surly Big Dummy today. But alas, I still haven't made it.

    Keep up the good work, really enjoy your blog. I went to high school in columbus, and ride when I go visit my mom. It was nice to see those pictures.

  2. @B. Beck - check back tomorrow!

  3. I have not rode through here but looks good - good blog - look forward to the next post