Thursday, August 19, 2010

Addendum to Society, Image, and Change

In yesterday's post, I failed to mention the most outrageous anti-bicycle sentiment of all - the Colorado gubernatorial candidate who claims that bike share programs are an international conspiracy to deprive Americans of their "personal freedoms"! At least this guy's wackiness is obvious to the average American.

I also came across a thought-provoking post on Bikehugger, asking if there are fundamental differences between the U.S. and countries with better bicycling policies, like Denmark and the Netherlands. I would say that yes, there are fundamental differences. But that they don't stop us from adopting bicycling, they just mean that we will go about it differently.

Bikehugger also captures a perfect example of the "how dare you interfere with my reckless driving privilege?" attitude. This really supports my belief that motorist anger toward bicycles actually stems from fears about their own ability to share the road.

Craziness abounds, but here in Atlanta we're doing just fine.

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