Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nice Clothes=Nice People

I finally made it over to the consignment shop to expand  my summer wardrobe. I found lots of breezy, pretty, sleeveless tops that I can wear on the bike without overheating. This is greatly preferable to a plain old tank top. The tank top scenario is perfectly functional and I can layer more respectable items over them at my destination. But I prefer to look fully respectable while I am on the bicycle. Drivers seem to treat me better, and I also just feel like I'm doing a better job of representing the cycling world.


  1. Just stumbled across your blog from Jim's link (at - love it! I ride a bike to work (in Tech Square as well) and fully agree with you on wearing normal clothes for the commute. It's been so hot that this was not totally feasible, but this morning was wonderful! No need for a change of clothes. Looking forward to fall.

  2. I wish this weather would stick around, but I'm afraid Mother Nature may be playing a cruel trick and will hit us again with temps in the high 90s soon! I'm so looking forward to Fall also!

    Love that shirt in the photo! I agree that it's nicer to ride in respectable looking clothing :)

  3. Smile and the world smiles with you : )

  4. It's sooo nice to be able to wear sleeves again, even short ones! There may be a few more hot days, but I'm settling in for a long beautiful fall - the best season in Atlanta.

    Thanks for the compliments!