Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ride Between the Raindrops

Mikael Colville-Anderson - over at Copenhagen Cycle Chic/Copenhagenize - has claimed that the average person who rides a bicycle for transportation will rarely encounter rain. After this week, I'm starting to believe him. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, I narrowly missed rainstorms on my evening commute. On Friday, I actually left work just as the sprinkles were subsiding, had a dry and pleasant ride, and felt the raindrops start to fall again within a block from home.

I don't object to riding in the rain. I have the gear I need to stay dry where it matters. Being out in the rain can be refreshing, and I certainly don't melt. Anyone who knows me will tell you that there isn't an ounce of sugar in my ingredient list. I do avoid riding when lightning is present.

I'm really, really glad that it is raining regularly. The past month had been hot and dry, and my garden was struggling. But it is inconvenient to ride in the rain - covering everything up and trying to keep my camera dry! I like the current pattern, in which it rains every day but stops when I need to go somewhere.


  1. I'm sure there is a Cycling God! I am amazed at the end of each Winter how few times I actually got wet. Having to commute to work by bike means there is less flexibility to dodge the showers, but really, it's only ever 1/2 dozen times a season. There has to be someone pedalling in my corner up there. I don't mind getting wet. But, I soooo hate my glasses steaming up or being so wet I can't see out of them. Any suggestions?

  2. I used to be really paranoid about cycling in my glasses. I would put in contacts anytime there was more than a 20% chance of rain. Seriously. But I've discovered that a hat with a deep brim keeps almost all of the rain off my glasses, and they only steam up if I stop for too long. Snow is a different matter though - it goes up, down, sideways, and gets everywhere.