Monday, August 16, 2010

Bike Racks are for Bicycles

My office got an email from Georgia Tech facilities management the other day, warning that all motorcycles, mopeds, and other motorized vehicles would be aggressively ticketed for parking on the sidewalk or at a bicycle rack. I haven't had any issues at my building, but I've seen lots of problems elsewhere. A few misplaced scooters, and the bicycle parking can become completely inaccessible. I hope sufficient parking for motorcycles and scooters will be provided around campus - they are not lower in emissions in cars, but they are more fuel-efficient and much nicer to share the road with than a big SUV! But I'm also glad that parking regulations are being enforced and bicycle parking is protected from encroachment.
Parking violation


  1. Did your email just say they would be ticketing? I got an email also which said vehicles on sidewalks would be impounded by the Midtown Police dept. I found it very amusing, since the only motorized vehicles I've seen on the sidewalk are GA Tech police cars (somehow I doubt they would be towed)! One day I had to walk in the street because the police car was blocking the ENTIRE sidewalk (for no apparent reason that I could see). I notice it in the Emory area more often than on the GA Tech campus.

  2. I think ticketing and maybe towing. Can't help you with the police - they do a number of questionable things, traffic and parking-wise! They are also enforcing on-street parking again.