Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sweet Relief

This city is finally starting to cool off a bit. I think today was the first day that it stayed below 90 degrees, and the lows are actually dipping into the 60s again. To me, it feels like the first spring thaw used to feel when I lived up north, like I have barely survived nature's brutality and can start to enjoy being outdoors again.

I have been coping with the heat as best I could, through popsicles and iced coffee, and low-exertion bicycle route choices (lots of shade and minimal hills). I've been using MARTA a lot, too. An effortless, air-conditioned train ride is awfully appealing, especially in the middle of the day when the sun is high and trains aren't too crowded.

Now the worst is over, and I'm really enjoying being on the streets again. So are a lot of other people. There were a couple of weeks where I hardly saw anyone riding a bicycle, at least relative to this past spring. But with reasonable weather, students back in school, and so forth, bikes are a noticeable portion of the traffic again. I'm glad to see the trend continuing.

I'm also really glad that I finally got a picture of this guy on his Dutch-style bicycle, who I've seen in the Castleberry Hill/Railroad District a few times before! It still isn't a good picture...the bike kind of looks like an Azor, with a built in rack and double top tube. Anyone know this bicycle?


  1. Same guy, same day! Still can't tell what that bicycle is...but I do acknowledge that I am a pretty lousy photographer compared to, you know, everyone else.

  2. Nothing wonderful about my picture, but our coincidence is remarkable. Such people stand out, even at a distance, so often closing the gap becomes a challenge. Must keep eyes peeled for him and that unique bike!

  3. I saw Mr. Dutch Bike riding on the PATH in Decatur last week, carrying two full panniers and a watermelon presumably from YDFM.