Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sunday Romp

Ahhh, Sunday, the last day of fun before the work week starts again. It's a good day for shoving your chores aside and having fun. My friends were going to see a band at Vickery's in Glenwood Park on Sunday afternoon. The area is pretty bicycle friendly - a quiet neighborhood with traditional street layout at the junction of two bike lanes.We all met up by bicycle. The band never showed, but the setting was perfect for a beer and a game of bocce in the courtyard. We could see traffic along the Glenwood bike lane, a block away, and passing by the courtyard. There were lots of families towing a kid or two.
After a few games, we headed out of Glenwood Park, up Bill Kennedy Way and down Memorial to Carroll Street Café for dinner. Great food, but only bottled beer? Where are their priorities?
We wrapped up the evening at the new Ziba's Wine Bar on Boulevard (formerly Solstice, formerly Taqueria Nayarit and home of the best handmade tortillas in town). There wasn't much bicycle parking there, so I grabbed the one available railing, while the waiter invited Stephanie and Reeves to roll their bikes inside. There was a perfect spot by the door for them.

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