Sunday, August 22, 2010

Need Your Nuts Tightened?

Atlanta's newest bike shop, Loose Nuts, specializes in wheelbuilding. They also do repairs, carry parts and accessories, and sell new and used bicycles. I haven't used their wheelbuilding or repair services (yet) but I have bought parts there a few times now. I really like the shop. It's in an old commercial space in historic Grant Park, that feels very comfortable, like the total opposite of the big warehouse stores.

Their emphasis is clearly on quality over quantity. They only stock a few versions of each item, typically one well-made affordable version and one top quality version - for instance, Wald and Nitto handlebars. Tiny little Knog lights and high-powered Planet Bike lighting sets. No plastic, nothing flimsy. They clearly cater to the urban transportation cyclist who wants durable parts that will look good year after year. They also have items for the BMX and fixie crowds. I've bought tubes, a new chain, and cable housing there. The only complaint I have is that they accidentally crimped the brake cable housing when they cut it from the roll. Allegedly, this is the mark of a 'rookie' bicycle repair person.

They have a lovely matched set of Nottingham Raleighs (his and hers) for sale, in decent condition, along with a few other bikes on consignment. Then, they have several new Civia bicycles on the floor, and Leader frames hanging on the wall. They also build up custom rides. I would love to test ride one of the Civias some time - there is an adorable porteur design that looks sturdy and fun.

[Please note that I did not receive any sort of compensation for writing this review.]

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