Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bicycling to Work - Part 2 (What to Wear)

Skirt In Motion

Wear anything.

Well almost anything. Bicycling has had a subtle influence on my wardrobe. Pencil skirts are dead to me, unless they have a serious slit up the side or back. Definitely not the front. I love skirts like the red one I wore today, that is fitted at the top and then flares out. This allows it to flow in the wind while remaining modest from the mid-thigh up. It's not so long that I would need a skirt guard or anything. I do have a few skirts that are simply too revealing, but only a few.

 I wear high heels more often, now that I don't have to walk very far in them. But I seek out shoes that have rubber soles rather than slick bottoms. If they don't have grippy soles and I still want them, I just stick some adhesive non-slip pads on the bottom - you can get them at most drugstores and the shoe store.

If cycling in your everyday clothes, especially skirts and dresses, is new to you, the winter is a good time to start. You can wear stockings underneath while you find out if any of your skirts are inclined to misbehave.

Then just add your normal top, sweater, jacket, gloves, scarf, hat, etc. that you would wear to walk around. Make sure scarves aren't dangling down so far that they could get caught in your chain or wheels. I like to layer, so I can remove things as I warm up.

Outfit for Mid-40's, Overcast Commute
Hat: gift. Scarf: hand-me-down from friend. Jacket: H&M Berlin. Gloves: REI. Skirt: Goodwill. Boots: Rag-O-Rama thrift shop.

That's about it! And then it's in to work.


  1. I love the picture of your skirt in motion with those sumptious grey boots. Lovely. I agree with everything you said here, especially about pencil skirts and wearing heels more often (I hate to walk in heels). Go you!

  2. Thanks! It was a lucky shot, just holding the camera out and clicking randomly. But it's a perfect signature image of my view of bicycling.