Friday, December 25, 2009

Gray Day Around Town

When you are out on a bicycle, you notice so many little things that get overlooked in a car. Yesterday was an overcast, drizzly day, but I had constant glimpses of holiday decorations. They made everything seem cheerful.

Woodruff Park looks festive with lights on the trees

Well, as always, I missed out on some of the best shots, like the two friends riding up Broad Street laughing about something... But I did capture the friendly, if sporty, guy who stopped to ask if I were OK when I pulled over to put on my coat.

Bicycle Traffic on Euclid Ave.

Sure, I was a little chilly, but my coat was also making my rear rack top-heavy. It was actually affecting the way the bicycle handled. I was coming back from the local co-op grocery store, which is on the opposite side of town, of course! With my one little basket, I just had a heavy vertical stack of stuff on the back, with the coat folded and bungeed onto the top. Putting the coat on me, instead, greatly improved the handling and kept the drizzle off.

Maybe I shouldn't have gotten the large bottle of canola oil?

The Beau has solved my storage problem though! He got me a Wald front basket and a sturdier rear rack for the holidays... Can't wait to put them on.

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