Monday, December 14, 2009

A Misty Moisty Morning

It is a rare foggy day in Atlanta, one that makes me miss living near the ocean where fog is more frequent. It is drizzling on and off, but held off for my commute. I have a high-tech rain jacket and also a giant orange poncho that hooks onto my hands and can cover all the stuff in my rear basket, too. I brought the poncho along today in case the rain picked up.

But for the commute, a vintage leather coat and wool cap was sufficient. Under the coat, I wore a medium weight sweater, cordouroy skirt, tights, and loafers. Cap, scarf, and gloves were all removed during the ride. I think the temperature was in the 40s. My hair, which was damp when I left the house, did not benefit at all from the misty air!

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