Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Which Way Lies the Future?

Atlanta finally has a new mayor and city council, following the runoff elections yesterday. Several candidates which I had supported due to their progressive views on transportation and urban development have been defeated. The election really focused on two issues: crime and balancing the city budget. Naturally, I can connect both of these to transportation...

Affordable, safe, multimodal transportation helps people get to education, jobs, and stores and services. It allows them to spend less on their daily transportation so they can spend more on food, housing, and utilities. It reduces demand for police and other emergency services by reducing traffic crashes and injuries. And it leads to lively, self-policing streets instead of vacant highway corridors.

Some of the policies that may be discussed in the coming term will be a parking tax that could fund the Connect Atlanta transportation plan, and policies regarding development or redevelopment, affordable housing, and the like.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution ran this timely editorial yesterday. Perhaps it will point the new administration in the right direction.

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