Thursday, December 17, 2009

Love it, Keep it

I would say that Atlanta has a relatively unsophisticated culture of thievery. Common crimes here are generally the brute force type - home invasions and carjackings - as well as the random break-in. What we don't have much of is the low-level street crime such as muggings and pickpockets. And we definitely don't have experienced bicycle thieves.

These Bicycles Are Staying Put

Here quick-release components are fair game. So is a bicycle locked in a relatively secluded location with just a cable lock. Items left unlocked on a bicycle (such as a headlight) may disappear.

But that's about it. Bolted on items are secure. A single U-lock will keep your bicycle where you left it. And there are plenty of bicycles (or parts of bicycles) that don't get locked up properly, but stay with their rightful owner. The Schwinn in the photo above has quick-release wheels that are never locked up, here at the office, and so far so good for them.

Hopefully I haven't jinxed myself by writing this! And if you do cycle around Atlanta, be sure to use a U-lock or a heavy chain (Amsterdam style) and to secure any bits and pieces.

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