Monday, December 21, 2009

Errands by Bicycle

As a university researcher, I have a two week winter break. Yay! I'll be staying home and working on some major projects from home repair to crocheting. In order to prevent cabin fever I'm spreading my errands out through the week. So instead of a commute today, I had an errand run outfit.

Wool coat, stretchy A-line skirt, knit leggings, Blowfish boots, Outdoor Research insulated wool gloves (children's size - my hands are small, so I can get away with children's gloves, and socks, which are much cheaper!)

I wanted to road test some leggings. They are like thigh-high knee socks (that would be thigh socks, wouldn't it?) that hit about 5 inches above my knee. I wasn't sure if they would be warm and cute, or if they would just leave my thighs freezing and slide down annoyingly. I had some thin tights underneath. The leggings did leave a bit of my thigh exposed to the air when I was pedaling (which was not a problem today, it was in the low 50s). But they stayed nicely in place and did a good job of keeping my legs warm. Good job, leggings!

It was a beautiful Solstice day to be out and about in the distant winter sun. Merry Solstice to all!!

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