Monday, December 7, 2009

Precipitation Near Miss

Some friends, the Beau, and I went up to the Georgia mountains for the weekend. We were kind of excited when the weather forecasts started predicting snow on Saturday. What could be better than a beautiful snowfall in a secluded mountain valley? Of course, with a warm cabin and crackling fire waiting for you...

It was a lovely, relaxing trip, but no snow. We were a little disappointed. It seems to snow at least once a year in north Georgia. Not enough for me to get my snow fix (I grew up in Maine) but fun for a day. And I always end up bicycling in it.

This is what happened last year. It was on a Sunday, and one of my favorite pubs had been advertising a special Sunday brunch. So we had to go...right? Riding on snow is not hard at all, but you definitely need to bundle up and take it easy.

The Beau in the snow
This year, I'll keep hoping for snow. You northerners can feel free to send some down to us!

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  1. How funny, I biked in that same snowstorm last year! I was on my way home and decided to push my luck and stop by the grocery store. As I finished up, I noticed the snow had really started piling up. It was so much fun biking the rest of the way home!