Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bicycles Night Out!

Saturday was the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition Members' Night party. I started the evening by dropping my car off for repairs on Church St. in DeKalb County. Blue Belle rode along on the bicycle rack. I'm not a fan of putting bicycles on cars. It ain't right. But she made the car look a lot better and provided my ride home.

I dropped the car off and proceeded up Church Street, a miserable 5-plus lane road with no sidewalks, which meant that people were walking in the street, in my lane. Average speed was probably over 50 MPH. There were only a few cars on the road but they seemed frustrated and rushed. Not a bicycle-friendly road.

Junction of Sycamore St. and Church St.
I had scouted the route ahead of time with the assistance of the Beau, who grew up near here. So fortunately I knew to turn down Sycamore St. Within moments, I was on a quiet two-lane street lined with homes.

Sycamore Street - popular with the bicycling public 
After crossing Ponce de Leon, it took me right into downtown Decatur where I could pick up the Path or Howard Avenue. After picking up the Beau (and fielding some questions from a local gentleman who professed his love of beach cruisers) I breezed down Howard and then one block over onto McClendon, and along the quiet streets of Inman Park. We wound up on Baker St., turned right on Peachtree Center Ave., and then we were on Peachtree Street - the backbone of Atlanta. The right route makes all the difference.
Just hanging out being shiny...
Member's Night was being held at Engine 11 on North Avenue. The building is gorgeous and they have a great private room upstairs. There were presentations from board members and the popular 'Blinkie Awards'.

Councilmember Ceasar Mitchell received an award and spoke with ABC members

Members of the governing and advisory boards celebrated the year's accomplishments
The awards were made entirely of bicycle parts and really did blink!

Merchandise included custom messenger bags and T-shirs with reflective ink. Sales were brisk.
To wrap the night up, I rode home through either light rain or heavy mist accompanied by the Beau and our friend Kyle (more photos tomorrow!)

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  1. That was such a great night, and not only for the awards. I seldom have opportunity to ride with friends, so that was the best cap Members' Night could have had. Thank you both so much.