Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Heels Heatwave!

It finally got above freezing here, and it feels like summer! For me, it was cause to leave my insulated boots at home. Instead, I went for the faux-suede boots in black, with brown stockings and skirt and an off-white sweater. I feel so feminine again! And the boots have grippy "Aerosole" bottoms which will help with the few lingering patches of ice.

In bicycle news, I strapped my bag of tools (a tire pump, spare tube, and Clinique case containing a couple of wrenches and such) onto the back rack with a bungee cord. Removing this weight from the front basket really improved the handling. I have not been comfortable with more than a few pounds in the front. Plus I'm still trying to relocate my headlight from the handlebars, to avoid blockage due to stuff in the basket. For this trip I just had my lunch bag in the basket and the elastic in the back.

What I really need is a "trioband". These were utterly ubiquitous in Amsterdam and they seem super convenient. They secure the front, back, and middle of your load which keeps if from scooting around or squirting off the back. And, they actually mount on to your axle. This is very important. It prevents one of the major sources of bungee failure - slippage of the attachment hook - and reduces the chance of theft from a parked bicycle - I've had regular bungee cords stolen.  I like the red one in the link, but there are plenty of others. The problem is, I cannot find them for sale on any American website. Seriously, do a web search. They only come up in the UK and The Netherlands. I will pay international shipping if I have to, but why haven't US distributers figured out how useful these things are??


  1. Wow, those are great! I wouldn't have to take my bungees with me, lest they be stolen -- again. I have only encountered one place domestically offering rain capes, two (if you count Amazon) with Ree Lights, but I have never seen these trio bands.

    Velo Orange has a few different down-low lighting options. I've used the one that bands to the fork and have liked it.

  2. Haven't seen this tool before. Interesting. Good luck!

    Didn't know it snowed in Atlanta either.

    I love this photo. Wondering what kind of bike that is?

  3. Kyle - thanks for the link. Looks like VO has some options, though I can't tell how well they would work with my existing stuff. I know Filligree/Lovely Bicycle! likes the Minoura mounts (and my darling Beau hates them).

    Christa - It snows here once a year or so... That is the Takara (aka Blue Belle). Late 70s Japanese copy of the British touring bikes - simple, sturdy, comfortable.

  4. great blog!

    i have one of those multi-band bungees on my dutch bike:


    actually, more of a "quad-band". it attaches to small brazed-on brackets on the bottom of the rack, but also comes with optional axle attachment brackets. it is dutch, and i got mine for $10 from a boston-area dutch bike importer (who no longer imports dutch bikes). have you tried any of the dutch bike importers in portland, seatlle or chicago?

  5. Thanks somervillain! I saw a couple of tri-bands installed on bicycles at a local shop, Bicycle South. But they didn't have them for sale separately. I'm sure if I bugged them about it, they would order one... I've looked at US 'Dutch' bike shop websites (we don't have any around here for sure!) but they only seem to have big-ticket items for sale online.

    Love your bicycle collection! One for every purpose, huh?

  6. hey, you got it!!! that's *exactly* what i'm aiming for with my collection-- one (or two... maybe three?) for every purpose, which is still a looooong way from completion.