Monday, January 11, 2010

Signs of Life

The ice has stuck around in Atlanta, which is unusual. It's a real cold snap. And more flurries are predicted tomorrow. Due to the water in my rear brake line (which freezes the brake), I have been limiting my bicycle trips on the Takara. I need to test the Raleigh in the freezing temps; hopefully it has no problems. I've even ridden the Beast (a.k.a. the mountain bike) a few times, since it is handling the cold well.

Today, I took the Takara on the train in the morning. This limited my riding to about 5 minutes, which is too short for the brake to freeze completely. It should be above freezing on the way home. Hooray!

There haven't been many other cyclists on the road, but I know they're out there. I see them parked everywhere I go.

In Tech Square.

At the library.

And at the grocery store. I love this. It reminds me of a family of ducklings or something.


  1. They are coming back out! I rode my bike all over Atlanta Sunday, and the first bicyclist I saw was a young woman riding the same, albeit step-through, Suburban. We passed each other on the sinuous, snowy slopes of Inman Park, with smiles and waves. I forecast an explosion of riders Wednesday and Thursday.

    I love the ducklings photo.

  2. Your bike's name is Takara? Cool name!

  3. Christa: Actually, Takara is the brand. I didn't have an appropriate name come to me until this weekend - she will be called "Blue Belle".

    Kyle: Glad to hear it! That's hilarious about your bicycle twin.