Monday, January 25, 2010

Dapper Cycling

I've been meaning for some time to post a few photos of Kyle, one of our more stylish gentleman riders. You will never find him without a bowtie and some argyle. And yes, those purple and yellow gloves do match the bowtie.

Kyle recently acquired a lovely Schwinn Suburban, complete with matching fenders and chainguard, and a really cool chainring. The bike was acquired under unusual circumstances which you can read about on his blog. It has a handy basket on the back with a sign that reads, "Danger - You will be killed by robots." I don't know if the sign came with the bike. Probably not. Be sure to say hi if you see him around town!

1 comment:

  1. Dapper, wow! High praise, Step-Through, and thank you!

    I added the rack and crate when I went fully car-free, to help ferry groceries home. A friend sent me the sign at the end of summer; it was a no-brainer to clap it on the crate. The more I ride this bike, the more I am loving it (and I DO love that chain ring!). See you all on the streets!